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Server Name: BAVKA MU FUN
Version: 0.97d+99i
Experience: Dynamic
Item Drop: 80%
Total Accounts: 679
Total Characters: 695
Total Guilds: 29
Server Status: ONLINE

Players Online: 0
Players Online Today: 1
Online Record: 5
Max Online: 100
Counter-Strike 1.6
BAVKA MU Servers Intro
BAVKA MU Gaming NetWork

Last 10 Online Accounts:
Blood Castle: On Every 1 Hour
Devil Square: On Every 2 Hours
Sky Event: EveryDay at 18:00
Happy Hour: EveryDay at 19:00
Party Bonus: EveryDay at 20:00
Lucky Jewels: EveryDay at 21:00
Lucky Mixes: EveryDay at 22:00
Server Time: 21:24:16

VIP System
Quest System
Married List
Marry System
Dynamic Experience System
Wellcome To The BAVKA MU FUN's WebSite! OUR Server IS Online 24/7! REGISTER NOW! DOWNLOAD THE GAME CLIENT! GET FREE CREDITS: Use our Vote Reward System or Stay AFK For Credits! Get Free FULL OPTIONS ITEMS NOW! Use our MARKET System to Buy and Sell Items With Another Players!

BAVKA MU FUN -> Terms of Use

In this Terms of Use are explained the relationship between the BAVKA MU Online Server Owner(/Creator/Hoster) ( in this document will can be called as Owner/Admin ) and The Players ( in this document will can be called as "You"/"Player") , who creating a account in this server are agreed expressly with this Terms of use, before they are creating they account.(In the Register page, before The Player to make a account, they are obliged to read and agree with that terms of use(what you are read now) before to can continue with the registration of the account).

This Terms of Use can be changed Without Any Prior Notice!, And the Changes will be displayed at the same page (on what you are now, what are displayed at the Register page and the in-game(client) internet shortcut). The Players are liable to Check for Changes in that's Terms of Use Regularly.

In a case if you aren't agree with the Terms of Use, or you don't understand them (or their changes), Please Do not Register a Account, Don't Play in our Server and don't visit our website.

The Admin does not bear any responsibility for Players, who are Joined in BAVKA MU Server without reading of Terms of Use and be agreed with them!

1. General Terms of Use

1.1 Players are prohibited from using special symbols in their Accounts (names) and Characters (names)

1.2 On one player are not allowed to create/Register more than 10 Accounts

1.3 On one player are not allowed to run more than 2 game clients from one IP

1.4 The email address who the Player entred in the Registration Page, Must Be Valid! And can be used for contact with the player as needed.

1.5 Clicking/Reloading FAST our website will cause a ban of use of him.

1.6 The Admin does not bear any responsibility if Your computer be infected by virus, or any other damages, or go in fire, of case of use of BAVKA MU Client/ or Website

1.7 The Admin does not bear any responsibility in case of mistakes or wrongs in the information given on the players about the server.

1.8 The Admin does not bear any responsibility in case of server has been hacked, has been shut down, or in case of Server Reset

1.9 The Player is agreed with that the Admin does not bear any responsibility for lost passwords, for the server up-time, for the stollen/delleted/banned accounts/characters/items on the Player(s), for spendet money for credits/items who arent delivered AND IN NO WAY and for NO REASON will return money for items/webshop credits, because the player understand and be agreed that this money will be considered as Donation, and the Admin reserve their right to do not give nothing to players who are buying something from our webshop/website , because all purshaches will be considered as donations and the selling item will be considered as for (non-sure givable) reward.

1.10 The Player agrees not to seek any liability in any way from the Admin, for any damages(viruses/ character/account/ money lost for items and etc.) causes in use of BAVKA MU Server/Website, and understand - the server is provided "as-is", because the server is generally created by files found free in the internet who are "as-is".

1.11 This is Free to Play PRIVATE Mu Online Server and that's means the Admin reserve their right to give a another prices for items for players by their thoise and make all changes including but not only limited to - Delete / Create - Characters/ Items/ Accounts/ Guilds without no reason no matter do the items/characters/accounts are payed for him or not, without any prior notice. Also the Admin reserve their right to do what want their want changes on the server including but not only limited to- change server settings (exp, drop rate, shops, points per level) as their want, without any prior notice.

2. Gameplay

2.1 In the Game are forbidden to use of offensive language!

2.2 In the Game are forbidden to use any Hacks/Cheats/Clickers/Bots/Bugs!

2.3 In the Game are forbidden to use different of the original BAVKA MU Client!

2.4 In the Game are forbidden the Scam - to introduce yourself to an Admin(and/or GameMaster)!

2.5 In the Game are forbidden to sell Your items for Real Money

2.6 In the Game are forbidden to advertising of ANY other MU ONLINE servers and ANY other GameServers or WebSites!

2.7 In the Game are forbidden to the Player to obstruction to Admin Events!
2.8 To The Players are Forbidden to ask the Admins/Game Masters for a Items or a Zen!
2.9 To The Players are Forbidden to use a Shadow Bug, Their Accounts Will be Banned For the Use of it!

3. Usage of The BAVKA MU Forum ( )

3.1 The Only One Language that you can Post in Our Forum is the ENGLISH!

3.2 To The Players are Forbidden to use a Bad Words or Disrespectfull Language against Another Players

3.3 To The Players are Forbidden To Advertise ANY Another WebSites or Servers! (You can post Only Things who are you recorded in BAVKA MU Servers in YouTube or a Free Image Upload Site - Images/ScreenShots of a BAVKA MU Server(s)!)

4. WebShop

4.1 You Can't Give Back that what you donated for, and/or you can'T want to change the item for what you are make a donate.

4.2 No Credits or Donate Money Back for ANY REASON!
4.3 We do not give any money back, and no give the service for what you donate, if you donate to a wrong person by making a wrong donate (for example if you write wrong our iban via online banking donate)!

5. Cookies Policy

5.1 By using the BAVKA MU WebSite(s) You accept that we and our partners will can store All Cookies what we want.
5.2If you Don't Want we and/our our partners to use(/save to your computer) a cookies, You are Free to DO NOT USE OUR WebSite(s)!

6. Vote Reward System

6.1 It's forbidden To the Player To manipulate the Vote Reward System to get more credits or more often credits!
6.2 It's forbidden To the Player To Use The Vote Reward System with more than 1 (one) account!
6.3 It's forbidden To the Player To Just Only click on the top 100
s banners BUT don't complete the Recapcha and click "Vote for BAVKA MU Fun"!

7. Market System

7.1 It's forbidden To the Player To Try manipulate or Bug the Market System - to Get More Credits, or to Dupe Items!
7.2 We Won't Bring You Back a Items who you Lose in the Market. (If that happens by any means.)

Top 10 Players

# Name Class Grand Resets Resets Status
1. CwaniaK BK 1 51
2. Gabrielle MG 1 22
3. BuoiTo BK 1 18
4. BESNIQ BK 0 100
5. Aimetty ME 0 70
6. STAGE BK 0 69
7. QuocHoan SM 0 66
8. KuTo MG 0 60
9. Slayfar SM 0 55
10. Uthred BK 0 52

Top 10 Guilds

# Name Score Master Members Logo
1. VIETNAM 0 Magic 1
2. dreambg 0 sm_ludia 2
4. 12345 0 l9guwka 1
5. BULGARIA 0 Xz1b1t 1
6. GENJUTSU 0 Blink 1
7. BAVKAMU 0 Inventory 1
8. Admins 0 VoteForUS 1
9. Admin 0 Mule 1
10. Cast 0 Cast 1

Top 10 Soul Masters

# Name Grand Resets Resets Status
1. QuocHoan 0 66
2. Slayfar 0 55
3. CwaniaK-SM 0 49
4. BigBoss 0 44
5. Juffin 0 43
6. DaiCa 0 35
7. ERROR 0 27
8. PHONOMAN1A 0 27
9. bailisan 0 26
10. TienDe 0 25

Top 10 Blade Knights

# Name Grand Resets Resets Status
1. CwaniaK 1 51
2. BuoiTo 1 18
3. BESNIQ 0 100
4. STAGE 0 69
5. Uthred 0 52
6. 3akycoH 0 43
7. Romelio 0 27
8. Greg 0 24
9. TNTBG 0 21
10. Bimbocho 0 19

Top 10 Muse Elfs

# Name Grand Resets Resets Status
1. Aimetty 0 70
2. Gera 0 45
3. Samka 0 11
4. Eowyn 0 3
5. Jessy 0 2
6. Larka 0 1
7. joinnow 0 0
8. GoldenElf 0 0
9. 3eee 0 0
10. Cast 0 0

Top 10 Magic Gladiators

# Name Grand Resets Resets Status
1. Gabrielle 1 22
2. KuTo 0 60
3. MG_Toc_Do 0 35
4. Mugiwara 0 15
5. Tauriel 0 8
6. GoldMG 0 5
7. Kaioshin 0 5
8. TuTo 0 5
9. Ziggy 0 5
10. KillvseX 0 4

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